Orchestrating EV Power

Helping EV Site Operators Drive Profitability and Secure Energy Resiliency

Learn What Sparkion Energy Management Software Suite can do for You:


Optimize your energy use for increased operational savings.

Fueling Stations

Reduce demand charges to increase EV Charging profitability.

Automotive Dealers

Electrify your fleet with energy-resilient charging depots.


Turn your site into a revenue-generating EV charging stop with smart energy optimization.

Manage all your energy resources.

A single, on-site energy management hub that helps optimize the use of distributed energy resources, including storage, solar and EV charging
Site Details and Demand charge mitigation

Reduce demand charges.

AI-driven prediction tools that trigger automatic controls to reduce demand charges, helping sites become more cost-effective and profitable

Create an energy plan that fits your needs.

Planning tools that enable energy managers and site operators to predict and automatically respond to evolving energy needs on a per-site basis

Sparkion EMS screen

Meet sustainability goals.

Analyze energy usage to improve energy efficiency and keep track of your sustainability KPIs