Experience Uninterrupted EV Power

Sparkion provides an AI-driven energy storage and management system that helps EV site operators become more profitable and energy resilient.

We offer integrated solutions to fully optimize the use of distributed energy resources on-site, including storage, solar and EV charging. We help site owners boost return on investment, meet customer demand and achieve sustainability goals.


Not all EV charging environments are identical. At Sparkion we cater to the unique needs of various industries, with solutions that address the challenges your business is facing in transitioning to EV charging. Whether it is a lack of available power from the grid or space constraints on-site, our team of experts and partners can make sure you get an energy storage system that is right for you.

Sparkion delivers key benefits to site operators:

Increase available energy on-site

Reduce demand response charges

Optimize use of all various energy resources available on-site


Sparkion provides an all-on one energy storage solution that delivers additional power and an on-site energy management system that optimizes the use of all available energy resources on-site.

The Sparkion solution is comprised of:

Battery Based Energy Storage

Energy Management System

Battery Optimization