AI-Driven, Modular, Energy Management Software Solution

Sparkion is a provider of AI-driven energy management solutions that transform how businesses harness and manage energy. We help charge point operators (CPOs), Fleet Operators and fueling stations reduce power costs and become energy resilient.
Our proprietary AI-driven software acts as a central hub for each site, optimizing energy consumption and maximizing the use of all onsite distributed energy resources (DERs).

Our portfolio of solutions helps accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and usher in a sustainable future:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Meet sustainability goals
  • Improve energy resiliency.
  • Increase site ROI

Ushering in a zero-emission mobility future, Sparkion is a Vontier-owned company (NYSE: VNT). Vontier, a global industrial technology company focused on smarter transportation and mobility is mobilizing the future to create a better world. Its pioneering solutions advance safety, security, efficiency, and sustainability worldwide.

Learn more about what makes Sparkion different in this video with Avraham Edelstein, VP of R&D