AI-Driven, Modular, Cost -Efficient Energy Storage

Sparkion is a provider of cost-effective, reliable, AI-driven energy storage. Drawing on the grid and available renewables, Sparkion delivers consistent power to EV-sites, when and where they need it, helping charge point operators reduce costs and become energy resilient. Our proprietary AI-driven software maximizes the use of all DER’s (distributed energy resources) on-site, helping fleet operators, fueling stations and charge point operators, optimize energy use and increase site ROI.

Ushering-in a zero-emission mobility future, Sparkion is a Vontier-owned company (NYSE: VNT). Vontier, a global industrial technology company focused on smarter transportation and mobility is mobilizing the future to create a better world. Its pioneering solutions advance safety, security, efficiency, and sustainability worldwide.

“EV charging and energy storage are a natural pairing. Sparkion’s AI-driven energy storage technology will help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and usher in the zero-emission future of mobility.”

Avraham Edelstein
VP R&D, Sparkion