How Sparkion provides business intelligence

by | Mar 17, 2024 | About

Being able to make good business choices requires having the right information. For EV site operators, that data must create an understanding of their energy traffic patterns.

Unfortunately, site owners typically aren’t aware of their load profile. They don’t know when they are using power, from what source, and when they are experiencing peak demand. All of this can result in high utility charges and blindly investing in additional infrastructure they may not need.

Sparkion fills the knowledge gap by providing a deep understanding of your site’s power usage all on one convenient screen. This transparency can help business owners make informed decisions that are critical to a successful, profitable business.

Getting the full picture

Sparkion is the only energy management system that can connect with every site asset via onsite meters, whether that’s your EV chargers, battery energy storage system (BESS) or solar carport. This offers a full load profile so you understand how much energy you are using and producing, as well as when and where. Through an API, Sparkion also feeds in grid data and solar/weather forecasts. As this information is tracked over time, historic data can be used to make intelligent predictions about future energy needs.

Insight drives ROI

Operators can use their EV site insight to drive value in a variety of ways:

Reduced electricity costs:

Understanding how your electricity needs align with utility time-of-use rates allows you to rework your energy usage to around them and avoid high utility charges. This may include programming your SparkCore energy management system to charge your battery when grid power is less expensive and using that, or your site’s solar production, when rates are higher or you’re approaching your grid limit. Knowing when you’re using power and how much it’s costing you may also lead you to renegotiate utility contracts or move to a different rate.

Value stacking:

Sparkion insights may lead you to realizing there are times you may have available power. You may choose to make that electricity work for you by directing the SparkCore to bid it into grid programs to generate additional revenue when opportunities arise. Sparkion simultaneously aggregates power from multiple onsite sources and feeds it into the grid, or curtails grid power use, in sub-seconds to enable monetizing your network in the energy market.

Smart infrastructure investments:

Understanding your load profile may enable opportunities to avoid expensive infrastructure upgrades. For example, you might find that you can supplement utility power with power stored in your battery where grid capacity is limited, enabling fast charging. Likewise your Sparkion insight may inform you that investing in rooftop solar or a BESS may make economic sense for your site.

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