Why charge EVs with clean energy? 

by | Feb 25, 2024 | About

With falling costs and increasing investment opportunities, more businesses are choosing to operate on renewable energy. The price to install solar has fallen by  60% over the last decade making it an attractive power source for a variety of verticals, including EV charging. Whether it’s placing solar on C-stores, installing solar parking canopies, or another configuration, powering your operations with clean energy can add value to your business in terms of savings, resiliency and customer satisfaction.

Maintain uptime

When you rely purely on utility power for your business, you risk losing the ability to generate revenue in the face of grid issues. Onsite renewable energy generation can reduce your reliance on the grid. Batteries coupled with renewables can increase the resiliency of your site by islanding (disconnecting from the grid) through grid outages. Periods of ample renewable energy production may allow you to operate your charging stations independently, enhancing your network’s reliability and profits.

Save money

Charging your battery with solar power offers a cost-effective alternative when the price of grid electricity peaks. Renewable energy is the cheapest form of power. Producing your own can significantly reduce your electricity costs. Adding solar to your site can increase your profit margin per session by reducing the cost per kilowatt hour from that of wholesale energy. You can achieve long-term cost savings by generating clean energy onsite and offsetting the electricity you would otherwise purchase from the grid.

Align environmental goals

More than 70% of those considering purchasing an EV say they want to help the environment. Powering EVs with renewables demonstrates your commitment to environmental responsibility as well, which resonates with environmentally conscious EV users. Working to achieve sustainability goals that align with those of your customers can help differentiate your business by standing out from others.

Maximizing your RE benefits with an EMS

Installing an energy management system (EMS) that can communicate with and coordinate your onsite renewable energy and storage systems will help you realize the most benefits from your clean energy investment.

Sparkion’s on-site SparkCore™ EMS is the only solution that can connect to all site assets including EV chargers, BESS, renewable energy systems and more, while taking into account grid, solar forecasting/production and weather data. Sparkion’s intelligence and control allows the SparkCore™ to find and deploy the best way to bring renewables into your customized operational model to take advantage of the many benefits of renewables.

For example, you can choose to schedule charging sessions to coincide with periods of high renewable energy generation, and then discharge later to offset the costs of grid power. You can even decide where to direct generation, such as splitting it between DC fast chargers and the on-site C store. With algorithms aligned with your business goals, Sparkion is here to enable your clean energy to move your operations forward.

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