The business benefits of understanding your load profile

by | Dec 12, 2023 | About

How well do you understand your site loads? Having insight into where and when you’re using power, as well as from what source and when you’re experiencing peak demand, is critical to avoiding high costs and blindly investing in infrastructure you may not need.
Collecting site data and then tracking loads over time allows you to better predict them. This information combined with the ability to control power flow among your site assets enables more efficient, economic, and sustainable energy usage that can reduce your utility bills and inform your operational and capacity planning. All of this is possible with Sparkion’s innovative technology.

Tracking loads

Grid power flows to your batteries, though sometimes your solar power does too. Electricity travels from the batteries to your EV chargers, though sometimes you may have to rely on electrons directly from the grid. Then, when you have extra solar power to sell, you send it back to the grid to generate additional revenue.

Understanding these complex traffic patterns is no easy task, especially when they’re affected by changing weather. Sparkion’s intelligent SparkPredict software collects data captured by onsite meters. SparkPredict is the only software capable of measuring site energy usage in sub-second intervals and mapping electricity traffic patterns between all site assets—including renewables, EV chargers, and batteries, along with weather information—for the most granular data displayed in one consolidated view. 

Analyzing data and making predictions

The more data SparkPredict collects over time, the smarter it gets. By analyzing historic and real-time power usage along with solar forecasts, weather patterns, and other factors that can change site electricity use, it can employ this intelligence to create a “digital twin” of your site on the cloud. This serves as a live prediction model that can make smart predictions about future daily and monthly site energy usage, particularly around peak consumption. The live model continues to learn and make adjustments based on how the site is being used, helping site owners understand how their actual operations are aligning with their business goals. 

A digital twin includes load curve projections, financial forecasting, solar and weather forecast integration, demand charge mitigation, battery state of charge and depth of discharge at a particular time and the rate to charge the battery

Controlling energy use

While it’s enlightening to understand your historic, present, and future load profile, what if you had the ability to control it? The truly innovative and exciting part of Sparkion’s technology is the ability to input a personalized site plan that our software will use to create algorithms that direct our SparkCore energy management system (EMS) to control site assets in light of present and predicted power usage to ensure reliable, cost-effective operation.

For example, Sparkion can note when charging sessions simultaneously occur to pinpoint and prepare for peak demand. Say your digital twin data indicates that all chargers are in use by 3 p.m. It will signal the EMS to take proactive measures like ensuring your battery is ready to supply power while also slightly curtailing the charger load for maximum energy output with minimum impact to your utility bill.

It all happens automatically so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your site is working in your best interest to reduce demand charges and fixed infrastructure and connection expenses. With efficient, optimized energy usage and consumption, you can experience maximum available power with minimal operational costs.

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