The Story of Sparkion

by | Jan 30, 2023 | About

Sparkion started its journey as a power electronics engineering company, whose initial focus was set squarely on leveraging energy storage technology to extend the life of battery modules.

Early on, the company patented a unique “switching” technology that allowed for the segmentation of battery modules in energy storage, in order to maximize the power output of each, regardless of the battery chemical compounds’ health. Traditionally, energy storage is only as strong as the weakest battery module, which creates a major challenge with second life units, which often have varying levels of health. But now, with Sparkion patenting their new “switching” technology, the company is in a unique position that will allow them to one day segment individual units, which would maximize their output, regardless of their health condition.

It was a powerful innovation: one that was capable of supporting a vast spectrum of use cases of second life battery integration into energy storage units, all without sacrificing the unit’s total kWh performance.

As the company and its technology developed, its leaders realized that leveraging power electronics in energy storage would require software advanced enough to control the unit’s decision protocols. That recognition spurred Sparkion’s growth into software, as maximizing site energy usage and facilitating second life battery integration was actually tied closer to software than hardware.

This pivot brought to life the SparkCore Energy Management System and its accompanying software components, which create stacked value for clients through maximizing the different ways stationary storage could be used on a site.

As its name suggests, the SparkCore is an energy management platform that scales through various tech-stack components that interface with distributed energy resources (DERs) and the utility grid itself. Aggregating and analyzing all the different communications from DERs on a site, the SparkCore is able to drive maximum value and efficiency from a sites infrastructure.

Equipped with the SparkCore, and an engineering-led focus on research and development, the company set out to enhance energy storage technology and broader mobility-industry efforts to decrease global greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2022, Sparkion found a new partner in this mission. Vontier Corporation (NYSE: VNT), intent on advancing E-mobility’s future, purchased Sparkion when they saw the company provided a natural complement to their ultimate goal. Sparkion’s particular focus, as a part of Vontier’s portfolio, has been creating a company with an undeniable expertise in advancing behind the meter energy flow with a specific tied focus to EVs. In essence, Sparkion adds a layer of value in verticalizing the different energy touchpoints that a sitehost needs.

Under Vontier, Sparkion has continued to grow, molding its leadership team to further Vontier’s E-mobility aspirations. The company’s leaders collectively possess an extensive range of complementary backgrounds and unique job experiences, all helping drive the business forward. Avraham Edelstein, who has been with Sparkion from the very beginning, comes from a strong background in power electronics and battery chemical compound engineering. This robust bedrock of experience made his ascension within the company to VP of Research & Development, where he creates an incredibly powerful software product, a perfect fit. From there, the team added Udi Segev, whose sustainability experience lent itself to him taking on the role of VP of Product, along with Cole Rosson, whose automotive background provides a wealth of knowledge on EV charging in his role as Director of Business Development. Together the team brings robust experience from established firms such as SolarEdge (NYSE: SEDG), Ormat (NYSE: ORA), EVBox and Jaguar Land Rover.

And finally, at the helm, Vontier tapped a highly experienced executive, Adi Eyal, who, in his previous roles, had developed a great talent for steering both corporate entities and young startups to considerable success, to lead the company as its CEO.

With Vontier’s support and a solidified leadership team in place, Sparkion is uniquely positioned to advance the world of E-mobility and its sustainability goals, through a unique look at actual energy flow and real-time management at charging sites.