4 reasons to choose Sparkion 

by | Mar 13, 2024 | About

With an AI-driven energy management system, Sparkion is contributing value to site operators by helping them drive profitability and secure energy resiliency. As we continue along the path of increased EV adoption, Sparkion’s differentiated solution will enable businesses to be successful in the electric transition. Here’s a look at four reasons why Sparkion is unique.

Sparkion makes EV charging sites “smart.”

Smart home solutions have made our lives more efficient. They can optimize our heating and cooling and even our grocery lists, providing peace of mind that our home is working in our best interest—all automatically.

Sparkion is bringing this peace of mind to EV site operators. Just as residential IoT devices like Amazon’s Alexa can integrate with household appliances for intelligent communication, fostering optimal function according to the homeowner’s goals, Sparkion’s SparkCore™ energy management system can connect with all site assets from EV chargers to renewable energy, energy storage, and more. Sparkion’s SparkCore™ is the only controller that can facilitate seamless and continuous communication between these devices and the grid for multiple use cases—performed automatically and simultaneously—resulting in maximum value for site owners.

Unlike other controllers, SparkCore™ can take into account solar forecasting/production data and capture real-time site and grid energy use in sub-second intervals. Sparkion’s intelligence can analyze all this data and decide where to send power according to a customized business plan. AI-driven prediction tools trigger automatic controls in a variety of use cases that help sites become more cost-effective and profitable.

Sparkion is an expert in energy storage.

Sparkion’s roots are in battery storage hardware with its proprietary SparkSwitch™ technology built into each Sparkion S1 battery module unit. Our vast experience with and deep understanding of electrical infrastructure allowed us to design the SparkCore™, a better energy management system including software and controller.

Sparkion ensures 100% system uptime.

Site owners may purchase separate equipment like EV chargers and an energy storage system and expect them to work perfectly together. However, this isn’t always the case. You need to be able to manage all site assets for them to optimally coordinate. This ability requires a controller.

While some controller options will enable communications across site assets, only Sparkion’s ensures they work optimally together to maintain 100% uptime. This is critical because anytime the site is not operational results in lost revenue. Our SparkCore™ energy management system relies on Sparkion’s intelligence to ensure that all site assets cooperate along with the grid for 100% system uptime and maximum profits.

Sparkion enables valuable business intelligence.

Often, business owners don’t have any understanding of their load profile. They don’t know when they are using power, from what source, and when they are experiencing peak demand. All of this can result in high utility charges and blindly investing in additional infrastructure they may not need.

Sparkion fills the knowledge gap by providing a deep understanding of your site’s power usage.
This transparency can help business owners make informed decisions about adding additional assets like energy storage and renewables, as well as renegotiating utility contracts or moving to a different utility rate.

To learn more about how Sparkion’s unique solution can make an impact on your sites, request a demo.