Receive up to 80% of entire project costs with the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program (NEVI)

The $5 billion NEVI Program is part of the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) signed into law by President Biden in November 2021. IIJA commits significant federal funding to clean transportation and energy programs throughout the U.S. to reduce climate changing greenhouse gas emissions.

NEVI funds must be used initially on federally designated Alternative Fuel Corridors (AFCs).

Each NEVI-funded DC fast charge station will have a minimum of four 150-kW combined charging system (CCS) connectors and a total station power of 600 kW. Stations will be located no more than 50 miles apart along freeways and highways and no more than 1 mile from a freeway exit or highway roadway. States are required to emphasize equity, with at least 40% of NEVI benefits going to disadvantaged, low-income, rural and tribal communities.

What are the key benefits of NEVI sites?

  • Offset up to 80% of total project costs
  • Attract new EV customers
  • Increase revenues by introducing EV charging activity
  • Become a part of the national EV charging network
  • Remain one step ahead of the competition
  • Meet your sustainability goals

What are the key qualifying criteria for NEVI funding?

  • Site must be along a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) designated Alternative Fuel Corridor
  • Site must be no more than 50 miles from an already existing NEVI-compliant EV charging site
  • Site must be no more than 1 mile from an interstate exit or highway intersection
  • Open to the public or authorized commercial motor vehicle operators from more than one company
  • Station total power capacity must be no less than 600 kW

How can we help?

Sparkion and its partner network can help energy service companies, fueling stations, convenience stores, retailers and others to plan for EV charging along federally designated AFCs for charging infrastructure every 50 miles. We can help you navigate the fine print and local regulations and ensure you maximize your incentives for a smooth transition to EV charging.

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