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Our corporate logo is an important part of our brand. It represents our identity and is a valuable piece of intellectual property.

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Power Assist brochure

Download the ‘Power Assist’ overview to discover how Sparkion’s SparkCore™ EMS revolutionizes energy management for efficient and reliable customer charging, seamlessly integrating with existing grid infrastructures.

Ancillary Services brochure

Get the ‘Ancillary Services’ document to understand how Sparkion’s innovative system integrates with your site assets for optimized grid program participation, ensuring additional revenue and smooth operations.

Breaker Protection brochure

Download the ‘Breaker Protection’ brochure to learn about Sparkion’s SparkCore™ system, a groundbreaking solution for avoiding power interruptions and optimizing energy usage in real-time for uninterrupted service and cost savings.

Peak Shaving brochure

Discover Sparkion’s innovative peak shaving strategies in the ‘Peak Shaving’ document, detailing how SparkCore™ EMS optimizes charging and energy deployment to reduce costs and enhance profitability.

Peak Load Forecasting brochure

Explore the ‘Peak Load Forecasting’ guide to learn how Sparkion’s SparkPredict™ software can transform your energy management strategy, offering insights into optimizing usage and reducing operational costs through intelligent analysis and forecasting.

Renewables Integration brochure

Learn about seamless integration of renewable energy with Sparkion’s ‘Renewables Integration’ guide, showcasing how SparkCore™ EMS can enhance sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and operational resilience.

Energy Shifting brochure

Harness the power of energy shifting with Sparkion’s EMS to dramatically reduce your operational costs. Our system smartly adjusts battery charging schedules based on grid electricity rates, allowing you to charge during low-cost hours and utilize or export energy during peak times. This strategic approach not only optimizes your site’s energy consumption but also ensures maximum efficiency and savings. Discover the future of cost-effective energy management in our brochure.

EV Load Management brochure

Elevate your EV charging operations with Sparkion’s EMS, ensuring optimal power distribution for reliable service and customer satisfaction. Our system’s real-time power monitoring allows for efficient load management across your charging stations, reducing operational costs and enhancing user experience. With Sparkion, achieve seamless charging operations, minimize congestion, and unlock new revenue opportunities through smart electricity use. Explore how our technology empowers your network in our detailed brochure.

EV Max Available Power Allocation brochure

Maximize your grid-connected site’s energy efficiency with Sparkion’s EMS. Our system ensures every kilowatt is fully utilized, directing available power to charging ports to avoid waste and boost profit. Ideal for managing both ‘smart’ and ‘unmanaged’ loads, Sparkion transforms your site’s energy management, making every bit of power count. Discover the power of efficiency with Sparkion.


What makes Sparkion Different from Conventional Energy Storage

Sparkion Promo Explainer

EV charging and the power grid

Markham interviews Cole Rosson, director of business development at Sparkion.