Sparkion Announces North American Market Entrance and Commercialization Plans

by | Feb 9, 2023 | News

Company will address barriers to scalable EV and DER infrastructure through proprietary energy storage hardware and software solutions that maximize on-site energy use, lower costs and promote grid resiliency 

Herzliya, Israel and New York, NY – February 9, 2023  Sparkion, a provider of cost-effective, reliable energy storage hardware and software solutions for distributed energy resources (DER) and electric vehicle (EV) charging, today announced its North American market launch.

Founded in Herzliya, Israel’s technology and innovation hub, Sparkion has emerged from its research and development phase to pursue commercial efforts in key North American markets. Sparkion is owned by Vontier Corporation (NYSE: VNT), a leading global provider of critical technologies and solutions to the mobility ecosystem.

Sparkion has developed a suite of behind-the-meter hardware and software solutions for on-site energy storage that enable commercial and industrial customers to meet EV charging needs, optimize value streams, and substantially reduce demand charges. This includes SparkCore and SparkSwitch

SparkCore is a hardware-agnostic, AI-driven energy management system which facilitates seamless and continuous communication with on-site energy assets to improve demand response participation, offer dynamic pricing and optimize overall site energy utilization. SparkSwitch is a proprietary switching technology which maximizes the capacity of each battery module. SparkSwitch can reconfigure the internal battery structure while the unit is operating, bypassing ineffective modules that undermine and hinder the storage unit’s overall performance. 

Sparkion will pursue customer acquisitions within North American commercial and industrial markets, targeting companies transitioning to electrified transportation including those who would benefit from an additional revenue stream through on-site EV charging. This includes fueling stations, retailers, fleet managers, automotive dealerships and more. Initial commercial installations in the U.S. will begin in Q1 2023. North American growth and commercialization will be led by Sparkion’s U.S.-based Director of Business Development, Cole Rosson.

“There are still tremendous barriers to scaling clean energy and, in particular, EV charging infrastructure in the U.S., leading to unpredictable volatility in energy usage; and that’s exactly what Sparkion hopes to address,” said Mr. Rosson. “By offering both hardware and software in a single platform, we have a unique advantage in the energy storage space that we believe will bring tremendous value to North American customers looking to maximize on-site energy use, avoid demand charges and establish revenue streams through reliable EV charging.”

“With the backing of Vontier and recent U.S. legislation, such as the Inflation Reduction Act, bolstering adoption for EVs and clean energy technologies, now is an ideal time for Sparkion to enter the North American market,” said Adi Eyal, CEO of Sparkion. “With a pipeline of partnership and installation opportunities already in place, we look forward to establishing our presence in the region and working alongside customers and channel partners to introduce affordable, resilient energy storage and charging solutions at scale across North America.”

Behind the meter energy storage systems like the Sparkion offerings can serve as a reliable, cost-effective tool for seamlessly managing on-site charging and renewable energy integration. As it establishes North American operations, Sparkion’s portfolio hardware and software offerings for intelligent energy management will be a valuable solution to commercial and industrial customers looking to elevate their on-site energy use.

About Sparkion

Sparkion, a Vontier-owned company, is an engineering-led provider of cost-effective, reliable energy storage hardware and software solutions for the behind-the-meter industry, with focus on electric vehicle charging infrastructure (EVSE). Sparkion’s vertically-integrated battery energy storage (BESS) hardware and proprietary AI driven software maximize energy optimization and budget while supporting a zero-carbon footprint. Sparkion’s robust research and development team specializes in solutions for improved battery life cycle longevity as well as predictive AI solutions for optimizing site energy usage.