Increase Profit Margins with Peak Shaving

Optimizing your charging operations can minimize utility energy demand charges by using resources more efficiently.

Sparkion’s SparkCore™ energy management system (EMS) helps align your business operations with grid conditions, ensuring your on-site battery charges before and deploys during your peak demand periods to reduce your grid consumption and avoid extra energy costs for the highest profit margins.

Peak shaving saves costs

  • Lower operating expenses: Lowering peak demand can reduce operating costs. Aligning your charging operations with grid conditions allows adjusting the charging rate or scheduling charging sessions to avoid charging during peak periods.
  • Avoid pricey upgrades: Managing grid demand is essential for minimizing the need for costly infrastructure upgrades. Peak shaving allows efficient allocation of electrical power to charging stations. More evenly distributing your charging load throughout the day optimizes existing electrical infrastructure.
Sparkion's demand side management software enables peak shaving to lower costs.

Optimizing peak shaving with Sparkion

Our SparkCore™ EMS intelligently analyzes energy consumption patterns to anticipate and automatically mitigate peak power demand spikes in real-time. As soon as an electrical vehicle site reaches a specific threshold, the EMS performs peak load shaving by discharging battery storage energy to avoid peak demand charges.

Sparkion's software automatically directs the EV site battery energy storage system to avoid utility charges.
The SparkCore™ automatically signals the battery energy storage system to discharge once a site’s grid limit is passed to avoid utility charges.
The timing and power of the battery’s electricity release is determined by the site’s discharge factor, which is based on real-time site energy usage and the amount of energy in the battery. In this way, Sparkion’s AI-driven technology ultimately increases the profit margin for each simultaneous charging session.

Benefits of Peak Shaving with Sparkion include:

  • Optimized peak shaving
  • Control operating costs
  • Avoid expensive upgrades
  • Increased profit margins


What is peak shaving?

Peak shaving is an energy management strategy that involves “shaving” your highest levels of electric vehicles site electricity demand from the grid during popular periods of energy usage to avoid high utility fees as grid operators work to balance electricity supply. One example would be deploying batteries to store excess electricity during periods of low demand and discharge it during peak hours. Peak shaving is beneficial for both utilities and EV site owners as it helps avoid grid congestion, improve reliability and lower electricity bills.

What do peak shaving and load shifting work together?

Load shaving reduces peak demand during specific periods while load shifting moves electricity consumption to off-peak times or when renewable energy sources are more abundant. The combination of these demand side management practices helps smooth out spikes in electricity demand. Performing demand response reduces associated utility fees and lowers overall operations costs.

How does Sparkion’s EMS perform peak shaving?

Sparkion supports various pricing optimization mechanisms to align with distribution network operator (DNO) and transmission system operator (TSO) pricing structures like capacity and time-of-use costs. The SparkCore™ EMS draws power from the battery according to each site’s particular grid limit—the power value that the site is allowed to consume considering its breaker rating and total potential peak loads. Sparkion can act according to your personalized site preferences and automatically pull the additional power from your battery energy storage system when needed so you’ll never go over your grid limit, allowing you to control utility costs and increase profits.

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