Orchestrating EV Sites with Smart Energy Management Software

With increased demand for EV charging comes a new challenge: orchestrating onsite energy use and consumption to ensure a harmonious balance between grid stability, cost and sustainability.

Sparkion’s AI-driven smart energy management software directs its proprietary controller to facilitate seamless and continuous communication between all onsite assets and the grid for multiple use cases—performed automatically and simultaneously—resulting in maximum value and peace of mind for site owners. As we continue along the path of EV adoption, Sparkion’s differentiated solution will enable fleets, fueling stations, charge point operators (CPOs) and other businesses to be successful in the electric transition.

Sparkion makes EV charging sites “smart.”

Smart home solutions have increased the energy efficiency in our lives. They can optimize our heating and cooling and even our grocery lists, providing peace of mind that our home is working in our best interest—all automatically.

Sparkion brings this peace of mind to EV site operators. Just as residential IoT devices can integrate with household appliances for intelligent communication, fostering optimal function according to the homeowner’s goals, Sparkion’s SparkCore™ energy management system for EV chargers can connect with all site assets from electric vehicle stations to renewables, energy storage and more.

Optimized automated control of all site assets

Sparkion's SparkCore Energy management system uses intelligent algorithms to automatically control all site assets.

SparkCore™ resides between the grid, onsite energy assets and EV infrastructure to function as your onsite energy hub.

Unlike other controllers, SparkCore™ can take into account solar forecasting/production data and capture real-time site and grid energy use in sub-second intervals. Sparkion’s intelligence can analyze all this data and decide where to send power according to a customized business plan. AI-driven prediction tools trigger automatic controls in a variety of use cases that help sites become more cost-effective and profitable:

Power Assist – Get more customers in and out

Offer fast-charging services even if your operation is located where the grid can’t provide enough power. Sparkion’s SparkCore™ EV charger energy management system can integrate with your energy storage to supplement grid power where capacity is limited. This delivers more energy and allows more customers to charge up quicker without making expensive infrastructure upgrades. You can even instruct our intelligent solution to follow a personalized algorithm for your business model to prioritize power boosts to the first customer in line, or those special VIP guests.

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Sparkion provides power assist to offer fast charging for your ev station.
Sparkion EV charging station smart energy management software can assist with load shifting.

Load Shifting – Employ a cost-effective charging schedule

By charging your battery using grid power at times when electricity costs less, you can lower your operational expense. Sparkion’s SparkCore™ energy management system for EVs automatically optimizes your charging and discharging to ensure reliable, cost-effective operation of all your site assets based on varying prices, renewable production, changing loads and available grid capacity.

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Ancillary Services – Monetize your network

Increase the value of your onsite renewable energy, EV chargers and energy storage system by participating in grid programs such as demand response in the U.S. and frequency response in Europe. Sparkion is the only solution that integrates with all your site assets and uses real-time insight to automatically bid into these programs when opportunities arise, so you can generate additional revenue while seamlessly maintaining your everyday operations.

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Sparkion SparkCore EV charging station smart energy management software can enable participating in grid programs to drive revenue.
Sparkion SparkCore EV charging station smart energy management software provides breaker protection to avoid system shutdowns.

Breaker Protection – Avoid system shutdowns

When your EV chargers need more power than the grid can provide, the breaker can trip, shutting down your site and your business. While battery backup power can avoid shutdowns, energy storage must be properly managed to kick in at the right times. Sparkion’s SparkCore™ energy management software and controller solution uses real-time, meter-fed site and grid data to determine when additional power is required and directs the battery to discharge. Even in the event of a battery error, SparkCore™ will ensure your chargers stay online to ensure power resilience so you can build a reputation for reliable service.

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EV Load Management – Take control of your EV charging

Managing your EV charging is critical for reliable, cost-effective operations. Sparkion’s SparkCore™ on-site energy management system enables real-time power monitoring to control your EV charging network for optimal economics and an ideal customer experience.

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Sparkion's smart energy management software allows EV load management.
Sparkion SparkCore EV charging station smart energy management software can enable peak shaving to reduce demand charges.

Peak Shaving – Increase your margin per charging session

Demand charges are typically based on your highest level of grid use during a billing period. Sparkion’s SparkCore™ energy management system helps align your business operations with grid conditions, ensuring your battery charges before and deploys during your peak demand times to reduce your grid consumption and avoid extra utility costs for the highest profit margins.

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EVSE Max Available Power Allocation – Optimize available power use

With a capped amount of electricity to work with on your grid-connected site, every kilowatt must count. When Sparkion’s SparkCore™ EMS detects available power in real-time, it puts it toward good use at charging ports so that nothing is wasted and extra power becomes profit.

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Sparkion SparkCore EV charging station smart energy management software optimizes available power use with EVSE max available power allocation.
Sparkion's smart energy management system can enable peak load forecasting to make informed planning decisions.

Peak Load Forecasting – Make informed planning decisions

Understanding when your site uses the most electricity is critical for avoiding demand charges and high utility bills. Predicting future demand patterns can inform your operational and capacity planning decisions. Sparkion’s intelligent SparkPredict™ tool analyzes your site’s energy use (from EV chargers, renewable assets, batteries and more) for a comprehensive understanding of traffic patterns. This intelligence directs the SparkCore™ EMS to better prepare by automatically implementing—and continually refining—a personalized site plan. With efficient, optimized energy usage and consumption, you can enjoy maximum available power with minimal operational energy costs.

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Renewables Integration – Reap renewable energy benefits

Sparkion’s SparkCore™ smart energy management software system can communicate with your onsite renewable energy and storage systems for maximum benefits. For example, charging your battery with solar power offers a cost-effective alternative when the price of grid electricity peaks. SparkCore™ helps find the best way to bring renewables into your customized operational model to add more value to your business and achieve sustainability goals that align with those of your customers.

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Sparkion's smart energy management software can communicate with your onsite renewable energy and storage systems for maximum benefit.
Sparkion's smart energy management software can profile your EV site loads to help business owners make intelligent decisions.

Load Profiling – Valuable business intelligence

Often, business owners don’t know how they are using power, from what source, and when they are experiencing peak demand. All of this can result in high utility charges and blindly investing in additional infrastructure they may not need. Sparkion fills the knowledge gap by providing a deep understanding of your site’s current and historical power usage. This transparency can help business owners make informed decisions about adding additional assets like energy storage and renewables, as well as renegotiating utility contracts or moving to a different utility rate.

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Benefits of Sparkion’s smart energy management software include:

  • Optimized, customized energy use and consumption
  • Monetized energy assets for additional revenue streams
  • Mitigated demand charges and energy savings
  • Operational cost savings
  • Increased charging network profitability
  • Informed planning and scaling
  • Increased site capacity
  • Real-time monitoring and communication
  • Flexible API for third-party interconnections
  • 100% system uptime
  • Valuable business intelligence


Why do I need smart energy management software on my EV charging site?

While you may install various site assets like EV charging stations, batteries and solar panels, they need direction to work seamlessly together. A combined software and hardware electric vehicle energy management system can orchestrate energy consumption and use among different devices to achieve your site goals.

What is Sparkion’s energy management platform?

Sparkion’s SparkCore™ features smart energy management system software and hardware. Our controller communicates with all onsite assets via meters.

Why should I choose Sparkion’s EMS?

Sparkion’s roots are in battery storage hardware. Our vast experience with and deep understanding of electrical infrastructure allowed us to design the SparkCore™, a better EV energy management system including software and controller. Sparkion’s SparkCore™ energy management system can connect with all site assets while taking into account solar forecasting/production data and capturing real-time site and grid energy use in sub-second intervals. While some controller options will enable communications across site assets, only Sparkion’s ensures they work optimally together to maintain 100% uptime. With Sparkion, you’ll have the business intelligence you need to make informed decisions that will move your business forward.

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