SparkCore™: AI-Driven, Scalable, Real-Time EMS

SparkCoreTM is an energy management software engine that helps maximize the value of your energy assets on site. It facilitates a seamless and continuous communication between individual sites and the grid while simultaneously optimizing communications between single distributed energy resource on a specific site.

Sparkion Delivers Multiple Benefits to Charge Point Operators:

Grid Balancing™

Leveraging real time intelligence and communications from the SparkCore, the S1 creates greater efficiency on site by simultaneously splitting energy from the battery and the grid. It uses real-time data and proprietary predictive algorithms to determine how much energy to draw from the grid and/ or the battery in order to meet demand. The result is increased overall site capacity yet without the need for additional utility upgrades or demand charges.

Power Share

Working in conjunction with Sparkion’s Demand Charge AI, and through OCPI protocols with EVSE, SparkCore sends commands to onsite EV chargers to control power output (Peak Shave) while maximizing onsite energy capacity and demand charge risk. Sparkion AI also determines how much energy should be pulled from the grid at any moment based on the energy usage of the EVSE.

Charge Current Limit

Charge Current Limit (CCL) represents the maximum amount of current that can be put in or absorbed by the battery pack without damaging or exceeding system ratings.

Sparkion provides an API integration to quantify the state of charge ( SOC) and maximum limit of battery at any given time; a real time signal that provides the maximum amount of energy the battery can discharge at a given time

Dynamic Recharging

Using SparkCore and bidirectional power transfer, Dynamic Recharging allows the battery to recharge itself while simultaneously sending energy to onsite EV chargers and thus ensuring the highest EVSE uptime.