An integral part of the Sparkion platform, SparkPredict™ is a cloud-based predictive decision engine that identifies and predicts load curves on a daily and monthly basis to achieve a sustainable grid and control your site’s costs.

SparkPredict™ analyzes both historical and real-time site data in order to forecast daily and monthly energy usage. It can then set in motion an automatic implementation of the most cost-effective energy usage and consumption plan for the site, helping charging operators reduce overall operational costs.

Site Details and Demand charge mitigation

Demand Charge Mitigation

Determine when the site will reach its maximum kilowatt load during the day and shift to stored energy to avoid triggering demand charges.

Energy generation, consumption and forecast

Predict & Manage Load Curves

Avoid peak kilowatt-hour costs and leverage the onsite battery energy storage at optimal times throughout the day.

Forecast Cost Structures

Predict monthly energy costs at each site to optimize value streams and future-proof revenues.