Proprietary SparkSwitch technology is built into every Sparkion S1 unit to increase overall battery lifetime cycles leading to stronger budget efficiency for owners. The unique SparkSwitch™ technology is mounted to each battery module and allows the SparkCore™ to individually segment module usage regardless of cell health.

Demand Charge AI:


EV Charging exposes the site host to potential increased monthly demand charges; sometimes by over 100%. Sparkion’s Demand Charge AI (DCAI) is custom developed artificial intelligence that learns the usage patterns of your site, then leverages historical plus real time data inputs to optimize how energy is distributed through all onsite DERs.

Demand Response:

Through our integrated DR partners we enable full participation in demand response events to support site hosts maximize assets and reduce TCO.

Learning Phase AI:

The machine learning phase starts on day one and develops a structured methodology over the first few weeks of usage to map out and mitigate how your peak onsite kW impacts your utility bill demand charge.

Financial Reporting:

Automated reporting allows the site host to quantify financial savings from storage integration and provide comprehensive analytics around energy efficiencies